The Lake House Renovation

How We Did It on a Budget

This is a blog post about how we renovated our lake house on a budget with the help of Lake Keowee home renovation services. We were able to do it by using reclaimed materials and doing a lot of the work ourselves. We hope that this will inspire others who are looking to renovate their home on a budget.

The first thing we did was to start planning. We looked at different before and after pictures of lake houses that had been renovated. This gave us a good idea of what we wanted our finished product to look like. We then drew up a floor plan and started to research where we could get the materials we needed.

Lake Keowee Home Renovation

We were able to find most of the materials we needed from salvage yards and online retailers. We were also able to find some great deals on appliances and fixtures by shopping around. In total, we were able to save about 50% on the cost of our renovation by doing it this way.

The next step was to start the actual work. We began by gutting the entire house. This involved tearing out all of the old walls, floors, and ceilings. We then started to build new walls and floors. We were able to use some of the old materials in the new construction, which saved us even more money.

The entire process took about six months to complete. We are so happy with the final result and we can’t believe how much we were able to save by doing it ourselves. If you are considering a renovation, we hope that our story will inspire you to do it on a budget. Thanks for following along!