Popular Boat Cover Installation: How to Install a Boat Cover

Installing Your Boat Cover: Follow These Simple Steps

If you own a boat, then chances are that you have a cover for it. Boat covers help protect your boat from the harmful effects of sun, rain and snow. Installing your boat cover is easy when you know how to do it! Here are some simple steps that will make the installation process as painless as possible:

Take measurements of your boat’s length, width and height. This is important because you need to make sure your cover is big enough for the boat.

Start by removing all items from the front of the boat and spread out a tarp or old blanket on top of it. This way, when you remove the bowline, unhook lines and any other attachments that are connected using cleats, they won’t fall into water below!

Boat Covers

Place one side edge of your cover under the nearest attachment point on each side of your boat’s hull (usually where rope loops around), then stretch it over to attach this last connection at some distance towards forward end so as not to impede movement in windy conditions. Now reach back down between anchor points just aft of those previously made while stretching material up across stern until reaching desired length with no slack.

Place one end of the cover on top of your boat and stretch it over to attach at each side anchor point near stern with a bowline knot or any other type that can be undone without undoing others. Repeat this process on opposite side, stretching material across front until reaching desired length but without letting it touch ground when stretched out as far as possible in both directions. Now tie off these two ends together securely so they don’t flap around in windy conditions!

The only thing left to do is fasten the cover down tightly using lengths of rope or bungee cords (not too tight!) and you’re done! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!