How E-commerce Protects Buyers

Incorporating BlueSnap into Your Website

It is important for online stores to have an e-commerce solution that protects buyers from fraud. For example, BlueSnap’s Payment Services allow customers to make payments with their credit card or PayPal account without exposing sensitive financial information. This means no customer data gets hacked and all transactions are PCI compliant even if the merchant website isn’t set up as a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) site. Merchants also don’t need any technical knowledge of SSL certificates because they can securely purchase them through the BlueSnap system when needed. How does online purchasing work in stores like Amazon or Etsy? Do they offer their own payment solutions, or do shoppers use Paypal instead? Are these transactions secure for buyers who are using them on non SSL sites as well?


Benefits of BlueSnap:

– PCI compliance and the ability to process transactions without exposing sensitive financial information, even if the merchant website isn’t an SSL site.

– No technical knowledge needed to set up SSL certificates because they can be purchased through BlueSnap when necessary.

– The Merchant Interface offers merchants cash on delivery, recurring billing, refunds, discounts coupons in order to protect themselves against chargebacks or fraudulent purchases while still providing excellent service quality by maintaining payment security for buyers.

How to know if you are you are shopping safely?

– If there is a lock icon in the address bar and “HTTPS” after “WWW,” then your information will be transmitted securely.

– Look for the BlueSnap logo on the checkout page to know you are transacting with an authorized merchant.

Knowing that we have taken care of fraud protection and PCI compliance makes online shopping now just as safe as visiting a brick and mortar store!

Who can get BlueSnap?

– E-commerce merchants of all sizes can get BlueSnap to protect themselves against fraud and chargebacks.

Do you want your customers to have the best shopping experience? Get a safe e-commerce solution with BlueSnap today!