Get Rid of Unwanted Pests in Your Home

We Treat Your Home For Pests

Pests can be a big problem for your home. Whether it’s ants crawling through the kitchen, or mice nibbling on food in your pantry, you want to get rid of them as soon as possible! Pest Control in Medway is here to help you whenever you need it. Our technicians are experienced and know the best ways to get rid of pests in your home, without harming you or your family members.

Before you try to get rid of the pests, be sure that they are actually what’s causing all your problems. For example, ants crawling around could mean there is food or water available somewhere in the home (like a leaky kitchen sink). Mice nibbling on things can indicate a lack of trash cans and pet food dishes outside.

Pest Control In Medway

If it seems like their presence is due to something other than natural behavior, then start by getting rid of the source! Seal up any holes where they might have been coming from with caulk or plaster. Block off access points for rodents; put screens over vents if possible. Clean up any leaks in sinks and pipes.

Once you’ve done this, make sure to clean up any food that might be left out. If there’s pet food lying around, make sure to clean up after your pets when they eat and put their dishes away! It’s also a good idea to keep any trash cans in your yard or basement inaccessible.

If these steps don’t work, then it might be time to call the professionals! There are many pest control companies that will come out and take care of the pests for you. They’ll seal up all possible entrances, add poison bait where they’re most likely seen as food (like under cupboards), and provide traps for rodents and insects alike!