Antique Table Guide

A Comprehensive List of Tables from All Eras

Antique tables can be a great addition to any home. They add beauty and elegance to your décor, and they also serve as functional furniture pieces. But if you’re not sure what an antique table is or how to identify one, then you may find yourself struggling to find the perfect piece for your home. That’s why we put together this comprehensive list of antique tables from all eras and this Original Antique Tables for sale are the best out of best!

The first thing you should know about antique tables is that, unlike modern furniture pieces, they are not categorized by function. That means there’s no “dining room table” category or anything of the sort! Instead, you have to look at a table based on its design—not just shape and size but also embellishments like carved woodwork or ornate feet. So let’s jump into it!

Original Antique Tables For Sale

The first type of antique table we’ll be looking at today is what we call “slant top” because one side slopes down toward the floor. This was usually reserved for use in libraries as an alternative to standing desks; however, some homeowners used them as writing tables too (a la Mr. Darcy). You can spot these tables by their elegant, sloping legs and compact size.

Modern homeowners often use sideboards as a replacement for this type of table because they are more functional—they have drawers or cabinets that can be used to store silverware, dishes, or even books! However, there’s no denying the charm of an antique “slant top” table. They’re incredibly stylish pieces with clean lines and classic designs that will never go out of style (like your favorite pair of blue jeans).

The next category we’ll look at is what dealers call “gate-leg” tables; however, don’t confuse these modern coffee tables with actual antiques! These were popular in Europe during the early 1800s through about 1850 but fell out of favor when the more versatile drop-leaf table design became popular (we’ll talk about that in a minute). Gate leg tables are easily identifiable by their four legs and gate-like top. These were designed to be tucked away against the wall—hence their name! That’s why you can often find them under staircases or built into other furniture pieces like armoires, benches, or even sideboard cabinets