The Art of the Mixed Drinks

Beautiful and Delicious Cocktails

The art of the mixed drink is vast and varied, but it all starts with a few important ingredients: alcohol, water, sugar or syrup, citrus juice and ice. The process of making a cocktail can be as simple as mixing these ingredients together in a glass with some garnish for color and flavor. But when you want to get fancy, there are many more options! With the help of The Gin Club we’ll explore how to make cocktails from different parts of the world that will both look beautiful and taste delicious.

The Gin Club

– Have you ever tried a Ramos gin fizz? It’s an American classic that was first created in New Orleans, Louisiana. This creamy cocktail is made with egg white and orange flower water to give it its signature rose hue. – Or how about the Singapore sling? The name says it all–this spicy drink comes from Southeast Asia where they mix together gin, cherry brandy, pineapple juice and lime cordial for a delicious tropical treat! – If you want something more bitter instead of sweet, try out one of our many cocktails based on the Negroni family of drinks. This Italian favorite can be found at bars around the world under different names like Boulevardier or Improved upon with whiskey rather than gin as well as other variations involving different sweeteners and garnishes. – For a delicious after-dinner treat, try the classic Grasshopper cocktail. This creamy drink includes crème de menthe together with crème de cacao, cream and ice–a perfect end to your meal!

What other types of cocktails can you think of?

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