In Turkey, gastronomy is a whole story!

In Turkish, the verb to eat is translated as Yemek, and the food also is called Yemek .... But all that is eaten is not called yemek or food, far from it !
The term "yemek" (the thing that is eaten) is used only for the traditional daily cooking, the dishes in sauce, those chosen in the restaurant by pointing them at the cook ... the stews of meat, Poultry or vegetable, the various dishes cooked, whether they are of Turkish-Ottoman, nomadic or Mediterranean, all these dishes presented hot to the bath marie.

Kebab this meat which turns and grills on a vertical spit and that is found all over the world on every street corner, has nothing to do with what you are going to eat in Turkey, here it carries its true name the "Döner Kebab", and it is made up by the best meats, marinated and flavored according to the secrets of the one who prepares it. It is a true local specialty, but a "kebab" among so many Others, for the word "kebab" does not mean a particular dish, but something that is roasted and there are many kinds of kebab ... kebab meat, chicken, fish, vegetables etc ... It is a dish to celebrate !
Turkish cuisine is extremely varied, and it is in pole position on the finish line of the best cuisines in the world. The Turkish origin of many European specialties is often ignored.

You will discover an abundance of dishes, recipes, unimaginable flavors ! Here we are in another world, that of gastronomic opulence, mix of tradition and contemporary creation, encounter between Ottoman cuisine of the Sultan's palace, traditional peasant cuisine and contemporary creation of great local chiefs trained in NY, Oslo or Sidney.

Hot and Cold Appetizers

Below are some examples of cold starters:
-Eggplant caviar
-Purslane with Yogurt
-Sweet red pepper with vinegar
-Artichoke in the Ottoman way,
-Fresh beans with tomato
-Leaves of stuffed vines
-Stuffed peppers
-Circassian Chicken,
-Bean caviar

The hot entrance is must-have with a variety and amazing flavors.
The börek, from the family lasagnes, various types of patty filled with cheese, meat or seasonal herbs.
The Gôzleme, the ancestor of the Breton crepe, garnished with minced meat, potatoes, cheese ....
The pidés or lahmacun, discovered by the Romans and become pizzas with a taste and flavor unrelated to the pizza you know.
Mantis, typically Turkish ravioli with meat or vegetables and served with a yogurt or garlic sauce.
Fried Mussels
Fried Squid

You will choose your main dishes:
-Meat by preferring at least once the lamb, an extremely fine meat to be discovered in Turkey
The chicken whose preparations are exemplary, delicious and far from Western recipes
Marinated Chicken skewers
Chicken Döner
Topkapi chicken, marinated, rolled, stuffed with rice pilaf and spices and baked
-Fish, favoring
The bar
Sea bream
Fresh Anchovies

As for desserts and pastries, they must be presented separately, as they are varied and delicious: pumpkin dessert and all desserts made from fruits, Kabak tatlisi, Pudding, Sütlaç Baklavas, Kadayif, Havuç tatlisi (Bites with carrot) ...