Istanbul Marathon 2020 - November 08

Istanbul Marathon : Running Accros Two Continents

Istanbul Marathon 2019: Whether you call it Avrasya maratonu, Istanbul intercontinental marathon or simply The Istanbul Marathon, it is the only one in the world to be done over two continents. From the Asian side of the Bosphorus to its European side this marathon is full of history, a race going back in time!

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The starting line is on the Asian shore, where we meet the modern and futuristic Istanbul of the 21st century and then we’ll go through time and history along the kilometers. After crossing the Bosphorus, as you run along side the European shore, you’ll see the Imperial Istanbul of the 18th

and 19th centuries that we’ll find in Ortaköy. This Istanbul district symbolizes quite well the multicultural aspect of the ottoman city. Here on the same stretch of our route, we’ll pass front of an orthodox church, a mosque and a synagogue.

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A little bit further, the road of the Istanbul Marathon 2019, come close to the magnificent Çırağan palace, then the beautiful Dolmabahçe, the last ottoman palace and last residence of Atatürk. Here the father of modern and secular Turkey died on November 10th 1938, and all the clocks of the palace have been stopped to mark the time of his death.

Always running alongside the Bosphorus, between the sea and the tramway line, we arrive in the Genoese area of Karaköy. We are by the 13th century, at the foot of the Galata Tower; on our right hand we pass the French school of Saint-Benoît.  Here are the doors of Constantinople.  The crossing of the Golden Horn by the Galata Bridge offers a different panorama: on the right side by the shore, we run up towards the old industrial areas of the 20th century, then we’ll cross the Greek area of Fener where stands since the beginning of times the patriarchate of the Greek orthodox Church, then we’ll be near the Jewish area called the Balat before reaching Eyüp, favorite district of Pierre Loti.

Afterwards we’ll turn back towards the Marmara Sea and the historical peninsula. We’ll run along the Byzantium fortifications by the sea and further ahead there will be more fortification and walls of the Topkapı Palace and garden. There, we’ll run pass the Saint Sofia Basilica, symbol of the Byzantium architecture, which is also the sign that the finishing line is 100 meters away.  We are on the Roman hippodrome; we’ve come from Byzantium to Constantinople and then arrived at the finishing line, right by the great door of the Blue mosque… We finally are in Istanbul!

42.195 km and two millenaries… That’s what the Istanbul Marathon is about!

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