Age : The Minimum for 15k race participation is 16 years

Departure : 09:00 AM on the first Istanbul's intercontinental bridge

Asian side , 300 meters after the bridge's start.

Duration : 4 Hours of Running

Please beyond this limit , the runners are invited to run on sidewalks.

Arrival : Sultanahmet Square

On the former Roman hippodrome , the gateway between the Blue Mosque and Egyptian obelisk . A medal reward is offered to the finalists on the finish.

Route : From the bosphorous bridge to Sultanahmet

Identical to that of the marathon until the crossing of the Golden Horn. After crossing the Bosphorus on the intercontinental bridge, the riders join the Boulevard Barbaros and descend to the Besiktas district, where they will cross the Bosphorus by the coastal road to the Karaköy district. After crossing the Galata bridge, the runners will walk along the Golden Horn to the Kadir Has University and then follow the Marmara Sea. They will cross Gülhane Park, pass the St Sophia Basilica and arrive On the square of Sültanahmet.

Opening hours from the different points of the route to the traffic will be opened on 13.00 o'clock (4.00 hours). will be opened on 13.00 o'clock (4.00 hours). will be opened on 13.00 o'clock (4.00 hours).

Refueling stations and sponging

Water, sugar in pieces, apples - Powerade at the point of sponging of 12.5 Km and the end station.
5. Km: Hakiki Koc food - in front of "Pamukkale Seyahat" at the Conrad hotel
7.5. Km Spreading in front of the station of tramvay Findikli (Maritime Lines)
10.Km Provisioning at Ticaret University Ticaret University
12.5. Km Extension in front of the Chamber of Commerce (Ticaret Odasi)
15. Km Final refueling in front of the door of the Blue Mosque

Istanbul Marathon 's Fees

From 1 January to 31 July 2019: 10 €
From 1 August to 31 August 2019: 15 €
From 1 September to 30 September 2019: 20 €
Beyond this date: Consult us